Hamburgers - Cooked to Order! Our Hamburgers are 100% Irish Beef All our hamburgers are cooked to order

Eddie Rockets is about timeless, classic American food freshly prepared and brought to you in a unique, fun diner experience.

Wingin' it

Repost@sunflower_yhmHamburgers <3 <3EggcellentSweeeeeeeet potato fries
Wingin' it

Repost@sunflower_yhmHamburgers <3 <3EggcellentSweeeeeeeet potato friesInstabrag or it didn't happen! Tag us with  #eddieinmybelly for a chance to win some Retro TreatsEverybody needs some nachos every now and then

Repost@slimmerslifeMilkshake Fact - they taste better on a Monday!

Repost@_mmarianThe square root of potato is friesIf you like milkshakes, well good news! We have LOTS of milkshakes! GET IN HEREFamily Time! Get in here and get our Family Special!!! Hmmmm!!!

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